Our Staff


No other organization has the kind of experience that we do in developing school leadership and providing standards-based programs designed to meet the needs of individual school systems. Our staff is largely comprised of practitioners who draw on their deep experience as school leaders, curriculum designers and trainers to help educators become effective leaders.


  • Kathleen Nadurak   Kathleen Nadurak Executive Vice President of Programs
  • Irma Zardoya   Irma Zardoya Chief Executive Officer
  • Pamela Ferner   Pamela Ferner Executive Vice President of Nationwide Initiatives
  • Courtney Welsh   Courtney Welsh Chief Operating Officer

NYC Programs

  • Kathleen Nadurak   Kathleen Nadurak Executive Vice President of Programs
  • Chandra Bozier   Chandra Bozier Director of Leadership Support Programs
  • Jessica Cihal   Jessica Cihal Associate Director of Aspiring Principals Program
  • Ruby Fernandez   Ruby Fernandez Teacher Leadership Program
  • Marlene Filewich   Marlene Filewich Senior Facilitator of Principal Preparation Programs
  • George Foley   George Foley Vice President of Systems, Data & Accountability
  • Ilene Friedman   Ilene Friedman Vice President of Principal Preparation Programs
  • Michelle Jarney   Michelle Jarney Senior Director of Leadership Support Programs
  • Michael Kim   Michael Kim Associate Director of Leadership Support Programs
  • Brooke Law   Brooke Law Program Specialist, Aspiring Principals Program
  • Joanna Maccario   Joanna Maccario Facilitator, Aspiring Principals Program
  • Claire McIntee   Claire McIntee Vice President of Leadership Support Programs
  • Cynthia Pond   Cynthia Pond Facilitator, Aspiring Principals Program
  • Daria Rigney   Daria Rigney Senior Practitioner
  • Irene Rogan   Irene Rogan Senior Director of Wallace Pipeline Project
  • Alan Baratz   Alan Baratz Coach/Facilitator
  • Arlene Berg   Arlene Berg Coach/Facilitator
  • William Bet   William Bet Coach/Facilitator
  • Sharon Bonifazio   Sharon Bonifazio Coach/Facilitator
  • Sonia Bu   Sonia Bu Coach/Facilitator
  • Steve Buchsbaum   Steve Buchsbaum Coach/Facilitator
  • Gloria Buckery   Gloria Buckery Coach/Facilitator
  • Charles Demeo   Charles Demeo Coach/Facilitator
  • Ann Marie Gillen   Ann Marie Gillen Coach/Facilitator
  • Jane Ginsberg   Jane Ginsberg Coach/Facilitator
  • Charles Glassman   Charles Glassman Coach/Facilitator
  • Gloria Guzman   Gloria Guzman Coach/Facilitator
  • Cynthia Hunter   Cynthia Hunter Coach/Facilitator
  • Neil Kreinik   Neil Kreinik Vice President for New Principals and Coaching
  • Marilyn Kress   Marilyn Kress Coach/Facilitator
  • Bernadette Kriftcher   Bernadette Kriftcher Coach/Facilitator
  • Mark Levine   Mark Levine Mark Levine
  • Robert Lubetsky   Robert Lubetsky Coach/Facilitator
  • Kevin McCormack   Kevin McCormack Coach/Facilitator
  • Mark Moskowitz   Mark Moskowitz Coach/Facilitator
  • David Parker   David Parker Coach/Facilitator
  • Regina Schlossberg   Regina Schlossberg Coach/Facilitator
  • Mark Singer   Mark Singer Coach/Facilitator
  • Frank Spradley   Frank Spradley Coach/Facilitator
  • Greg Tewksbury   Greg Tewksbury Coach/Facilitator
  • Valerie Vallade   Valerie Vallade Coach/Facilitator
  • Norman Wechsler   Norman Wechsler Coach/Facilitator
  • Lois Weiswasser   Lois Weiswasser Coach/Facilitator
  • Ann Wiener   Ann Wiener Coach/Facilitator

National Consulting

  • Kathleen Nadurak   Kathleen Nadurak Executive Vice President of Programs
  • Mary Jo Dunnington   Mary Jo Dunnington Vice President of Nationwide Initiatives
  • Pamela Ferner   Pamela Ferner Executive Vice President of Nationwide Initiatives
  • Andrea LaRocca   Andrea LaRocca Director of National Initiatives
  • Shannon Matlovsky   Shannon Matlovsky Senior Director of National Initiatives
  • Janice Medina   Janice Medina Coach/Facilitator
  • Maureen Sanders   Maureen Sanders Lead Facilitator, National Initiatives


  • Courtney Welsh   Courtney Welsh Chief Operating Officer
  • Jenny Bailey   Jenny Bailey Director of Special Projects
  • Joseph Burke   Joseph Burke Director of Finance
  • Gerry Falchick   Gerry Falchick Director of Human Resources
  • Juanita Lewis   Juanita Lewis Special Assistant to the CEO
  • Alexander Negron   Alexander Negron Director of Information Technology
  • Karim Parchment   Karim Parchment Vice President of Finance
  • Bernadette Pizzurro   Bernadette Pizzurro Senior Director of Facilities and Administrative Services
  • Erick Rojas   Erick Rojas Research Analyst
  • Christopher Sheehan   Christopher Sheehan Data Manager
  • Kadian Tomlinson   Kadian Tomlinson Office Assistant

External Affairs

  • Ashley Lusky   Ashley Lusky Development & Communications Intern
  • Brett Rollins   Brett Rollins Associate Director of Foundation Relations