School Leadership Coach Training

We have trained over 200 coaches across the country in our unique, standards-based Facilitative, Competency-Based (FCB) Coach Training. FCB training comprises two 1.5-day sessions that enable coaches to foster trusting professional relationships with school leaders to help them reflect on targeted leadership behaviors, practices, and school challenges, and to develop the clear action steps necessary to accelerate school transformation and student achievement.

Our NYC-based coach trainings are now open for registration. FCB I is being offered May 23-24 and September 12-13, and FCB II will take place November 13-14.

An early-bird registration discount is available for districts sending more than one coach who register and pay for the fall trainings by June 15.

For more information or to register, please contact us by email here or by phone at (646) 666-8181.

Facilitative, Competency-Based Coach Training I (FCB I)

Upcoming Dates:

May 23-24, 2016

September 12-13, 2016

In this 1.5-day session, participants become familiar with the key components of our FCB coaching model.

Participants will:

  • learn about how FCB’s standards-based approach to school leadership development can help school leaders improve their practice;
  • develop and practice key coaching skills, including the ability to listen, question and offer feedback; develop the capacity to diagnose school leadership strengths and areas of growth; and
  • apply these FCB coaching skills to authentic school leadership challenges.

This session will incorporate the use of NYCLA’s research-based leadership standards, the Leadership Performance and Planning Worksheet (LPPW). The LPPW was developed by NYCLA in consultation with The Wallace Foundation and the state education departments of Delaware, Missouri and Kentucky. It reflects a thorough review and synthesis of principal leadership standards used nationally. It is grounded in the belief that focused work on a subset of clearly defined leadership competencies helps early-career school leaders promote student success.

The LPPW contains eight leadership dimensions and identifies core behaviors critical to each. These core behaviors address the day-to-day challenges of school leadership. The goal of the LPPW is to ground the coaching relationship in concrete skill and knowledge development.

Facilitative, Competency-Based Coach Training II (FCB II)

Upcoming Dates:

November 14-15, 2016

In this 1.5-day session, participants who have already attended our FCB I training will develop the necessary skills to deepen their coaching practice and address coaching challenges. This session includes significant opportunities for participants to practice coaching skills and receive peer feedback.

Participants will:

  • self-assess against the NYC Leadership Academy ‘s Coaching Competencies© to set learning goals for growth in their coaching practice;
  • practice coaching skills designed to address learning goals and receive targeted peer feedback; and
  • explore ways to more effectively diagnose the root causes that contribute to specific leadership behaviors.