Our Approach

Approach to Adult Learning

Our approach to leadership development is clearly articulated. We start by identifying what school leaders need to know and be able to do to succeed. Then we design and support the implementation of programs that enable educators to master that knowledge and hone those skills. Our leadership development model emphasizes hands-on and job-embedded learning, practical skills, and the ongoing self-reflection that enables educators to continue to build and refine their leadership practice.


Our programs and services are steeped in school simulations and job-embedded experiences, emphasize teamwork, and prepare educators for the real-world challenges they will face. They are also innovative, realistic and tailored to school system priorities so that participants can hit the ground running. Our goal is to work together with our clients to fully implement leadership development programs that are sustainable for years to come because they build the capacity of the leaders and districts we support.

 Approach to Strategic Consulting

Too often, new initiatives in education target a single area of reform, an approach that actually hinders the implementation of system-wide, lasting change. Fortunately, many districts are beginning to take a broader and more integrated view – working to build deliberate school leadership pipelines, for example, instead of just viewing school leadership through the lens of hiring and placement.

Widespread, enduring change comes only from a strategic, systemic approach.

There are many challenges to the alignment and integration of exemplary human capital practices, including resource constraints, systems structures, policy, and fragmentation of decision-making authority. NYC Leadership Academy can help you meet those challenges.

Drawing from our experience as a thought partner for departments of education across the country, NYC Leadership Academy works with you to develop a comprehensive approach to leadership development as well as provide assistance in integrating different programs. Our services include:


  • Stakeholder Engagement: We are experienced at conducting needs assessments that provide insight into the current school leadership landscape and its specific needs. We facilitate discussions that engage multiple stakeholders (such as districts and their local university partners). We enable those in charge of school leadership development to build their strategic vision through tools such as political mapping and scenario analysis.
  • Leadership Standards Alignment: Programs that prepare and support school leaders should precisely align with leadership evaluation standards. We have worked with numerous education agencies and organizations to ensure that alignment.
  • Customized Curriculum Design: Our deep understanding of school leadership and adult learning enables us to develop and deliver meaningful, transformational learning. Using our standards-based approach to curriculum design, we work alongside our clients to develop training that is aligned to relevant leadership standards and addresses your system's needs. Examples include: training for principal supervisors in how to support professional growth that maps to leadership evaluation standards and workshops that enable teachers to "try out" school leadership to help them determine whether school leadership might be a path for them.
  • District Management Training: Our master coaches work with district management to build their skills at assessing principal learning needs. Our staff also coach school leaders in how to effectively lead schools where all students achieve.
  • Program Assessment and Technical Assistance: As part of our work, we provide tools and processes that clients can use to assess and refine their leadership development programs.
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