Leadership Insight

Contributor: Jill Grossman

Using mentors to raise students’ expectations of themselves

Two high school principals have taken an innovative approach to addressing inequities in their schools. Seeking to reach the young men who often cut school, arrived hours late, struggled academically, ran out the door as soon as the bell rang rather than take advantage of after school programs, P...

Teachers learn to see their students, and expect more of them

It’s the million-dollar question: How do we close the opportunity gaps that challenge so many of our schools and communities? Last year, three of those principals, at two high schools and a middle school in New York City, put in place innovative solutions that, after just a few months,...

The Power of Leaders

Anyone who works in education knows that great principals can have a significant impact on their students. Yet, in Washington right now, school leadership preparation is under attack. The Trump administration has proposed 

Working together, researchers and practitioners can address education’s intractable challenges

Tough questions come up every day in education. Last week we had the privilege to spend a few days among some of the best minds in education – researchers, who convened for the 2017 American Educational Research Association convention. While their work is ...

Teaching our kids to talk about race takes strong leadership

Teaching our kids to talk about race takes strong leadership

“It’s okay to be uncomfortable, it’s okay to take risks. You have the power to do something about the injustice you see.” I recently heard statements like this in two very different ends of our education system. First, two NYC Leadership Academy coaches facilitated discuss...

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