Leadership Insight

Contributor: Nancy Gutierrez

Leaders must be allies for undocumented students

The fear in the town of Morristown, Tennessee, was palpable. A day after immigration agents raided a meatpacking plant there a few weeks ago, more than

Thoughtfully designing meetings for school leaders

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and for those who support school leaders, it's time to figure out what kind of professional learning you will offer this summer and next year. Planning now, while your observations and ideas are fresh, will make for the best learning and help ens...

Leading with courage, ensuring demography is not destiny

A fellow principal once called me “brave” for accepting the call to lead a school in East San Jose, California. Not because of the academic challenges that existed but because, in her words, it was a “scary” place. This primarily Mexican-American school community was locat...

School District Leaders - Say Something

Your school leaders need to hear your voice. The results of our presidential election have created tension in communities across the country. There are likely a variety of opinions among your school leaders, among your teachers, among your students, and among your families—even in places yo...

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