Clients in the United States

  • The Alaska Staff Development Network has used our Online Coaching Modules to provide professional development and resources for coaches who support principals statewide as part of the Alaska Administrator Coaching Project.

  • We worked with the Alabama Department of Education to develop a series of training webinars for use alongside NYCLA's Online Coaching Modules to develop and support coaches working statewide with the Alabama Leadership Academy.

    We have also provided school leadership coach training for the program leader from Birmingham City Schools.

  • We partnered with Arizona State University to develop iLeadAZ, an alternative certification program that prepares aspiring principals to lead high-needs schools statewide.

  • We supported the Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA) in its work to develop and deliver a series of principal professional development sessions for turnaround principals across MCESA school districts, focusing on strengthening the principals’ ability to lead change in schools. We also trained and developed their principal coaches in an effort to create sustainability, and co-designed and co-delivered a 9-month principal supervisor program for Maricopa County district leaders. In addition, two Principal Supervisors have participated in Foundations of Principal Supervision.

  • As part of a district restructuring, we partnered with the Los Angeles Unified School District to design and deliver standards-based professional development for 60 newly-designated Instructional Directors who now supervise all LAUSD principals.

  • We provided our signature coach training for 35 school leadership coaches working with high-poverty schools as part of California State University, Dominguez Hills' U.S. DOE-funded Inspiring Leaders Program.

  • We supported the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools in its effort to strengthen instructional leadership capacity of early-career Jewish day school principals, by providing training and access to our Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet tool. We have worked with principal cohorts in California and in New York City.

  • We have supported Denver Public Schools in their efforts to strengthen their school leadership pipeline by providing training for principals who mentor aspiring leaders, strengthening the curriculum for the Ritchie Fellows Program, and providing technical assistance around development of an alternative licensure program for school leaders, and supporting the design of a new program that helps ready assistant principals to become principals.

  • We helped Hartford Public Schools strengthen their support of early-career school leaders by providing training in our signature competency-based coaching approach for their coaches.

  • We worked with New Haven Public Schools to build the ability of all principals across the district to use coaching skills in developing individuals they supervise. We have also helped strengthen the support the district provides early career principals by developing the capacity of leadership coaches through direct training, observation and feedback; opportunities to shadow our master coaches; and online learning resources.

  • We worked with the New London Public Schools superintendent to support the ongoing assessment and development of the district's strategic plan.

  • We are consulting with DC Public Schools to help them design a simulation school for use during their aspiring principal program’s summer intensive.

  • We have provided comprehensive consulting and support to nonprofit Innovative Schools Development Corporation to implement a program to recruit and train highly effective principals for the state's lowest performing schools.

  • We provided coach training around the use of our leadership competency assessment and coaching tool (the Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet) for coaches affiliated with the Delaware Academy for School Leadership at the University of Delaware.

  • We provided training grounded in the Florida Principal Leadership Standards to mentor principals in Miami Dade Public Schools who work with aspiring school leaders.

  • We have worked with Orange County Public Schools to strengthen their mentoring program for new principals and assistant principals, providing training in the use of our Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet tool and ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the mentoring program.

  • Two principal supervisors from St Lucie Public Schools have participated in Foundations of Principal Supervision. 

  • Gwinnett County Public Schools uses our Online Coaching Modules to develop and support coaches who work with school leaders, and more than a dozen GCPS coaches have participated in NYCLA's signature competency-based coaching trainings. GCPS coaches have used our Online LPPW tool to work with first-year and aspiring principals. In addition, we have trained GCPS principal supervisors and consulted with the district as they frame the principal supervisor position. Six principal supervisors from Gwinnett have participated in Foundations of Principal Supervision.

  • One principal supervisor from DeKalb County School District has participated in Foundations of Principal Supervision.

  • One faculty member from Mercer University participated in our three-part Facilitative, Competency-Based coach training.

  • We partnered with School Administrators of Iowa to launch a conversation with university faculty from around the state on enhancing support for aspiring principals in Iowa. 

  • We have worked with the Iowa Department of Education to build a statewide professional development system for working with school and district administrators in support of the state's Teacher Leadership & Compensation initiative. Our work is focused on designing the program and curricula and building local capacity to implement, including training local coaches and facilitators. In year two we also assisted IDE with developing an evaluation plan for the program.

  • We provided training in the use of our Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet tool for school leadership coaches affiliated with Governors State University

  • We worked with the Illinois State Action for Educational Leadership Project at Illinois State University to provide training in the use of our Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet tool for mentoring program directors, university faculty, and state administrators. Early-career principals and their mentors affiliated with the university have also used our Online Coaching Modules to support and enhance their work together.

  • We have provided training and technical support to help build the capacity of mentors who supervise aspiring principal interns in Fort Wayne Community Schools. Previously we worked with the district to provide training around the use of our leadership competency assessment and coaching tool (the Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet) for leadership coaches and district administrators.

    We have also provided intensive training and support for five Directors who work with school leaders throughout the district; this work will develop the Directors’ capacity to coach and facilitate the leadership development of school leaders. 

  • We provided strategic consulting for the Kansas State Department of Education on its statewide approach to supporting school leaders, as well as training in our signature competency-based coaching approach for leadership coaches in targeted regions throughout the state.

  • Two principal supervisors from the Haysville School System have participated in Foundations of Principal Supervision.

  • We have partnered with Boston-based nonprofit Teachers21 to launch a Race To The Top-funded initiative to recruit, prepare and support leaders for turnaround schools statewide. We are supporting program and curriculum design, staff development, and evaluation.

  • We supported the Boston School Leadership Institute, a district initiative, with training for coaches of both aspiring and new principals.

  • We helped Springfield Public Schools strengthen the district's aspiring leaders program by working with them to revamp their training curriculum and enhance recruitment and selection. We also provided training for Springfield principals who coach first-year principals.

  • We provided training in our signature competency-based coaching approach in support of a new program launched by Baltimore City Public Schools to support early-career principals.

  • We have worked with Prince George's County Public Schools to provide training and support for principals who mentor new and aspiring school leaders throughout the district.

  • We partnered with the Commonweal Foundation to design and deliver an aspiring school leaders program for faith-based schools. Our work includes designing the program, recruiting promising candidates, delivering training and residency support for an initial cohort of 12 aspiring leaders, and providing coaching support to the new leaders once they are in their schools.

  • We partnered with Minneapolis Public Schools to design and launch an aspiring principals program to develop leaders to transform low-performing schools; worked with the district to train leadership coaches and to build capacity to lead and model effective professional development for principals; and provided executive coaching for associate superintendents while building their capacity to coach.

  • We partnered with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop a series of 13 online training modules for school leadership coaches aligned to our competency-based coaching model and Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet tool

  • We worked with Columbia College in Columbia, MO to provide the opportunity for faculty to observe a few days of our APP program and to provide consulting on principal preparation.

  • We supported Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools in their development of a new cohort-based preparation program for aspiring high school leaders in partnership with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

  • We helped Queens University of Charlotte develop a summer intensive curriculum for a new aspiring principals program launched as a collaboration between the university’s schools of business and education.

  • We assisted the Sandhills Regional Education Consortium in launching the Sandhills Leadership Academy, an alternative certification program that prepares school leaders for the surrounding districts. Our staff helped design the summer curriculum, develop the core team's training design and delivery skills, and provided training for principals serving as residency mentors.

  • We consulted with North Carolina State University to present our approach to creating principal preparation curriculum rooted in a scenario school. NC State plans to create a scenario school to support its Northeast Leadership Academy, a 2-year principal preparation program.

  • Two principal supervisors from Albuquerque Public Schools participated in our year-long Foundations of Principal Supervision program.

  • In collaboration with the New York State Education Department, we helped launch three leadership academies in New York State. We helped the Rochester Leadership Academy develop the capacity to design and deliver professional development support for all principals district-wide. In Buffalo we helped design the curriculum for an Assistant Principal Academy and provided strategic consulting about other leadership development initiatives. We assisted the Mid-Hudson Leadership Academy launching programs to support various early-career leaders.

  • We have worked with the Menachem Education Foundation to launch and support their Principal Leadership Program, a one-year training and coaching program for principals of Jewish schools, and to build capacity within the organization to design and deliver future trainings.

  • We supported Greece Central Schools (NY) to co-design and support the launch of a professional development initiative aimed at strengthening school leadership district-wide. We also partnered with the district to help share this work with other districts through a New York State Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness grant.

  • We worked with Buffalo Public Schools (NY) to develop and implement a professional learning initiative that builds the capacity of the district to assess, develop and support school leaders as effective instructional leaders and managers of teacher talent with an unrelenting focus on priority and focus schools.

    We also supported BPS in the design and delivery of their Aspiring Turnaround School Leaders Institute, a one-year program for aspiring principals and assistant principals for turnaround schools.

  • We worked with school and district leaders in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District to develop school leadership capacity through a combination of direct coaching, coach training, and co-design of professional learning for school administrators. We also led a week of training for school board members and central office staff to delve into the district’s strategic plan.

  • We have provided coaching for La Cima Elementary Charter School in Brooklyn. The coaching focused on strengthening instruction throughout school, particularly in ELA, and on ensuring a smooth leadership transition.

  • We have provided leadership coaching for Global Community Charter School in Harlem.

  • We have partnered with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to develop and implement an aspiring principals program and first-year support and coaching for newly hired principals. The district also selected us as a partner for their successful U.S. Department of Education Turnaround Leaders application, and as a partner for their participation in The Wallace Foundation’s Principal Supervisors Initiative. In years two and three, our work focused on providing targeted support to continue to build the district’s capacity to design and deliver the program and to support school leaders, with a greater focus on building the capacity of mentors and coaches and on sustainability planning. We have helped revise the district’s principal leadership standards and accompanying rubric, and we have developed a resource toolkit for network support leaders (principal supervisors). Five principal supervisors from CMSD have participated in our Foundations of Principal Supervision program.

  • We worked with Youngstown State University to design and deliver two days of professional development for aspiring and sitting principals in the Youngstown City School District in June 2016.

  • With support from the William Penn Foundation, we worked with the School District of Philadelphia to design and deliver professional development and coaching support for all new principals across the district. In addition, we were hired by the district to provide coaching and professional development for the principal supervisors.

  • Two principal Supervisors from Scranton School District have participated in the Foundations of Principal Supervision.

  • We supported the Rhode Island Department of Education with the development and launch of a statewide Academy for Transformative Leadership, a Race To The Top-funded initiative to recruit, prepare, and support leaders and school leadership teams to transform the lowest-achieving schools. In addition to our work with the state, we also provided leadership coaching for the district of Providence for the school design leader of a new, small high school funded by the Carnegie Foundation.

  • We have helped develop the capacity of coaches supporting school leaders in Providence Public Schools, by providing training, coaching observations and feedback, and support for locally- based training design.

  • Four principal supervisors from Richland County School District One have participated in the Foundations of Principal Supervision. In addition, we worked with principal supervisors in the district to design and deliver a series of professional development sessions for principals and APs.

  • We worked with Lexington School District One to design and implement a rigorous year-long principal preparation program.

  • We have worked with Memphis City Schools to provide in-person and online professional development in our competency-based coaching model for coaches and mentors supporting the district's aspiring and sitting principals.

  • We worked with the Dallas Independent School District over two years to launch an aspiring principals program, assisting the district with program and curriculum design, training of the core delivery team, and training of mentor principals who supervised aspiring principals during their residencies

  • We helped Austin Independent School District launch its new-principal coaching support program by providing assistance with school leadership coach recruitment and selection, in-person and online coach training, and coach observation and feedback.

  • The Vermont Principals' Association has used our Online Coaching Modules to provide professional development and resources for coaches who support principals statewide.

Clients Outside the United States

  • Fundação Itaú Social

    We have been working since 2013 with a São Paulo, Brazil-based foundation, Fundação Itaú Social, to develop instructional coaches who are providing support to school- and district-based leaders across the country.

  • La Fundación Empresarios por la Educación (Colombia)

    Working with La Fundación Empresarios por la Educación, we designed a “jumpstart” program to support the launch of a new approach to school leadership development in Colombia, South America.