Leadership Academy participates in Learnit webinar

NYC Leadership Academy joined a panel to discuss how do we ensure we’re leading with equity in the post COVID-19 world

Leadership Academy Partners With SCCOE For Webinar Series

NYC Leadership Academy participated in a two-part discussion as part of the Advancing Equity Through and Beyond COVID-19 webinar series, presented in partnership with the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE).

Leadership Academy Participates in Digital Promise Webinar Series

NYC Leadership Academy participated in a two-part discussion as part of the Education Leadership for a Digital World webinar series hosted by Digital Promise and sponsored by the Wallace Foundation.

I’m Not Okay

COVID-19 has increased racism and xenophobia towards the Asian-American community.   COVID-19 has ravaged Native American reservations.   COVID-19 has increased unemployment in the Latinx community.   COVID-19 ...

In Latinos for Ed blog, CEO calls for combating AAPI hate

As with any pandemic, any crisis, fear is bringing out the worst in people.

Professional learning cannot – and need not – stop in our remote world

In this piece we focus on a few moves we have found are essential for facilitating continuous professional learning for leaders in a virtual world. 

COVID-19 Resources for Educators

Our colleagues at education organizations across the country are developing valuable resources to support schools and school systems through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

Leading school systems through the aftershocks of Covid-19

As education leaders navigate their communities through one of the greatest crises in this nation’s history, it is crucial that they plan for what comes after.

Leading an Equity-Focused Response Through and Beyond COVID-19

The NYC Leadership Academy has created a guide to support principals and school system leaders in leading an equity-focused response to the ripple effect of COVID-19.

We will support your leadership through the COVID-19 crisis

Dear Friends and Colleagues, We are writing first to check in on your health, safety, and well-being. Over the last week, we have spoken with ...

Coronavirus does not discriminate, and neither should we

As I write this, we all continue to determine how to respond to the coronavirus situation in ways that will best keep the people we ...

Mentoring Aspiring Principals

Mentors play a critical role in developing aspiring principals’ capacity to lead schools toward positive change. An effective mentor principal exposes aspiring principals to all aspects of leading a school, from organizing instructional improvement efforts, to managing and maximizing school ...

Equity Simulations

Racial and cultural equity are difficult to achieve in schools. NYCLA’s Equity Sims engage educational leaders in reflection and decision-making through interactive, video-based scenarios related to issues of racial equity in schools. The Equity Sims are a flexible professional learning ...

Executive Coaching

COVID-19 has created multiple challenges for school system leaders. On a professional level, leaders are working to serve students differently and under widely varied circumstances, while simultaneously planning for a return to school that holds new challenges like widened learning ...

The Simulated School: Authentic Challenges and Real Decision-Making

The Simulated School is a proven, flexible resource that provides the content for a year-long professional learning program for aspiring, new, and veteran principals. The school leadership experience is brought to life through role plays and activities like analyzing data ...

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