Iowa TLC Principal Leadership Coach Consultant

TLC Administrator Support Program

Overall Purpose: To equip and support principals to form a cohesive building leadership team that is aligned to a singular mission as embraced by the district, and is able to develop and lead a collaborative process to strengthen instructional practice that leverages teacher leaders for school-wide improvement of student learning.

TLC Administrator Support Program Description: The TLC Administrator Support Program is a comprehensive, year-long professional development program focusing on building the capacity of the principal to develop and facilitate distributed leadership in their school, namely by supporting and leveraging teacher leaders as part of the leadership team.

The program includes:

  • a three day summer intensive for the principal and members of district leadership
  • on-going workshops during the school year for principals and building TLC teams 
  • one-on-one school-based coaching
Summary of Practice

The implementation of the TLC system in Iowa has changed the role of the principal. The TLC administrator support program is designed to help principals develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in this new environment.

TLC Principal Leadership Coach Consultants are knowledgeable about the Iowa TLC System, leadership competencies and other reform initiatives and trained in our unique Facilitative, Competency-Based (FCB) Coaching methodology. As confidential thought partners to school leaders, coach consultants are expected to create a trusting, collaborative environment, enabling principals to engage in critical and targeted reflection on their practice as instructional leaders. TLC Leadership Coach Consultants are expected to know and understand IDE structures, its latest initiatives, instructional expectations, and regulations, as well as budgetary and organizational matters.

Duration of Consulting Contract: April 19, 2016 through July 30, 2017

Consulting Rate: $50 an hour

Consulting Functions and Expectations

 TLC Leadership Coach Consultants will:

  • Provide leadership coaching to a caseload of TLC principals and school teams (Parameters will include providing leadership coaching for up to 10 principals, 6-8 hours per month throughout the school year. Coaches may be expected to travel up to two hours one-way to support principals.)
  • Facilitate leadership development sessions and other customized support
Expectations for Consultant Experience
  • Minimum of five years supervisory experience 
  • Evidence of past success as an instructional leader
  • Demonstrated ability to develop leadership
  • Extensive instructional knowledge and experience 
  • Experience supporting leadership, and managing the change process
Selection Process

DUE: March 4, 2016

Please submit resume, cover letter, and letter of reference via email to Sarah Stevens Malcolm at Once submitted, this application will become the property of the NYC Leadership Academy. Please note, the information provided may be shared with IDE representatives.

Interviews will be conducted March 29-31. Candidates chosen for interview will be informed of the date and time by March 18.

Candidate Submission Must Include:

I. Resume/CV including the following:

  • AEA that your currently live in and resident city/town
  • Total number of years teaching
  • Total number of years as a principal
  • List current BOEE licenses
  • Any areas of special training and/or expertise

II. References

One letter of reference identifying candidate’s knowledge of TLC, ability to support school leadership, and ability manage understand and manage change. Included with the letter should be contact information for the reference.

 III. Cover Letter

In one page briefly describe why you are interested in the position and please respond to the following:

Describe one or two significant mistakes you made as a leader. What did you learn about yourself from these experiences? In what ways did you apply that learning later on? What (if any) changes did you make? How and why?

Upcoming Program Dates

April 19-20, in Des Moines

May 18-19, in Des Moines

June/July/August TBD (3 consecutive days total), in designated AEA site

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