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The NYC Leadership Academy is committed to improving academic success for students by strengthening school leadership quality and practice nationwide. With that goal in mind, we are creating a portfolio of tools and publications that leverages our experiences working with partners across the United States. We hope these resources will help others engaged in school leader development by sharing our thinking and providing examples of standards-based practice in a variety of contexts.

Power in Numbers: Coaching principals to build teams that transform schools

NYCLA's latest publication serves as a guide for anyone who coaches principals, laying out what principals need to know and be able to do to lead teams effectively, and how coaches can support principals in building their capacity to lead teams. Power in Numbers includes stories and tools from the work NYCLA’s coaches have done in schools and districts across the country. It also offers a tool for diagnosing a school’s teaming culture, guiding principals and their leadership teams to consider how existing school practices might affect the staff’s ability to maintain strong teams.

Principal Supervisor Webinar Series

NYCLA’s series of webinars on principal supervision is focused on continuing a national conversation around strengthening principal supervision and support. Intended for district, state or charter leaders and system-level practitioners, these interactive sessions feature educational thought leaders and practitioners from across the country. Each session is aligned to one of NYCLA's Principal Supervisor Leadership Standards, which undergird what a principal supervisor should know and be able to do.

Residency Design Webinar Series

"Putting the Pieces Together: The Essential Elements for a Successful Aspiring Principal Residency" is a no-cost, three-part webinar series that brings together experts and practitioners from universities, school districts, and aspiring principal preparation programs to explore effective residency design.

Ready to Lead: Designing Residencies for Better Principal Preparation

The NYC Leadership Academy, in partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), has published “Ready to Lead: Designing Residencies for Better Principal Preparation.” The guide provides insight, synthesized from leading principal preparation programs around the United States, into the critical elements of a quality residency experience for aspiring school leaders. It is intended to help those engaged in principal preparation design or strengthen the practical, school-based components of their programs.

NYCLA's Online Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet

NYCLA’s new school leadership coaching tool, the Online Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet (LPPW), provides a web-based interface for school leaders and their coaches to work together between in-person visits or phone or web check-ins. The tool also enables a district administrator to review interactions between the coach and school leader for the purpose of planning appropriate professional development.


Coaching can be an integral component of professional learning and support for principals. The NYC Leadership Academy has coached more than 1,700 New York City public school principals and helped more than 20 district, state, and university-based programs strengthen their own school leadership coaching work. With generous funding from The Wallace Foundation, we have created this resource to share insight into our coaching model, including lessons learned over the decade we’ve been engaged in this work.

Taking Charge of Principal Preparation: A Guide to the NYC Leadership Academy's Aspiring Principals Program

With the support of The Wallace Foundation, NYCLA is pleased to share this new resource for those interested in developing and/or strengthening a principal preparation program. The guide shares insight into the design and delivery of NYCLA’s Aspiring Principals Program, which has prepared more than 500 principals for the New York City public school system and which has been adapted by state and district programs around the United States. In addition to the guide, links to additional resources and sample APP materials are provided.

Program Sustainability Audit and Action Planning Tool

The PSAAP is a free online interactive tool designed to help school leader coaching and mentoring initiatives assess and strengthen their programs' long-term viability. Developed with support from The Wallace Foundation, the PSAAP is intended for use by coaching/mentoring program directors and their teams. The tool guides users through an evidence-based program inventory within four critical dimensions that contribute to programmatic sustainability, and then guides planning around using the results to make program improvements.

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