Program Sustainability Audit and Action Planning Tool

Strengthening Principal Coaching and Mentoring

The NYC Leadership Academy believes that coaching and mentoring programs for principals are crucial to developing school leaders who can increase student achievement and build positive cultures in schools. However, we know from our work with partners across the United States and internationally that sustaining these programs over time can be challenging.

Program Sustainability Audit and Action Planner (PSAAP)

The Program Sustainability Audit and Action Planning Tool (PSAAP) is a tool to help principal coaching and mentoring programs assess and improve their long-term sustainability.

The PSAAP is an internal, evidence-based review of a program's sustainability in four key dimensions:

  • Program Operation
  • Program Financial Resources
  • Mentor / Coach Cadre Management
  • Program Evaluation

Each dimension is comprised of checklists and multiple-choice questions, as well as suggestions for evidence to support internal ratings. The tool compiles results, which can be saved to revisit later and printed out for reference. 

The Action Planner then allows teams to choose the dimension with the highest leverage for improvement to plan specific action steps, list resources needed, confront possible obstacles, and share information with other stakeholders.

Why Use This Tool?

This tool will help you...

  • Get clear on your program's strengths and weaknesses in terms of sustainability.
  • Engage stakeholders strategically before they make decisions that may affect your program's sustainability.
  • Plan and implement changes to strengthen long-term programmatic viability.

The PSAAP costs nothing to use; setting up your free account allows you to save your program information so that you can complete and revisit your results over time.


The PSAAP was developed by the NYC Leadership Academy with the generous support of The Wallace Foundation and with the participation of educators from six school districts (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Denver Public Schools, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Hillsborough County Public Schools, New York City Department of Education, and Prince Georges County Public Schools).


"When we worked through the PSAAP, our dimension scores highlighted the need for more systematic processes for selection; heightened training for coaches/mentors; and implementation of program evaluation. The tool and subsequent ratings provided rich discussion, and we will use the tool to discuss and validate ratings with our stakeholders, then use the planning guide to decide next steps."

- Kathy Elling, Zone Executive Director, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Mentoring PLC Member

"The PSAAP helped to facilitate an outstanding conversation in regard to our programming and the likelihood for sustainability. It didn't take much time, engaged the right variety of conversation and sparked many thoughtful discussions related to the work of providing for an effective mentoring program."

- John Youngquist, former Director of Principal Talent Management for Denver Public Schools and Mentoring PLC Member

"Our team entered the audit with certain assumptions about what our ratings would be. While working through to tool, which requires evidence to back up ratings, some of our assumptions were challenged and we were able to identify specific areas where we could develop our practice. This process allowed us to take a step back from the program we run every day and see it with fresh eyes. The tool gave us perspective that enabled our team to plan for specific improvements to sustainability."

- Lori Ellis, Comprehensive Principal Induction Program Coordinator, Prince George's County Public Schools and Mentoring PLC Member

More Information

Wondering if this tool could help your program? Download the User's Guide here.

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