NYCLA Executive Vice President, Kathy Nadurak, contributed her expertise to one of three committees created by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) that are intended to revise and update model standards used nationwide to guide, prepare, and evaluate school leaders. This is the first time that the leadership standards have focused on the skills that principal supervisors must demonstrate. This update will serve as the much-needed foundation from which to create uniformity across districts.

Kathy served an integral role on the committee that determined the core leadership competencies for an effective principal supervisor. She is leveraging more than 35 years of experience as a leadership development expert to change practice in the field, an important tenet of NYCLA’s work. She specializes in developing standards and competency-based processes that position the instructional core – and student outcomes – at the center of leadership development practices. In NYCLA’s early years, Kathy developed and integrated a set of leadership competencies for the Aspiring Principals Program and coaching services which ensured that principals would be coached and their readiness evaluated on a robust and consistent set of skills.

Kathy is thrilled that her work on the Principal Supervisor Standards Committee will have far-reaching and long-term effects on national policy and leadership practice.

As the role of principal supervisors becomes a primary focus for policy leaders and school districts nationwide, NYCLA is excited to continue partnering with districts to develop innovative programs that strengthen the school leadership pipeline. For more information, contact our consulting team at: