In response to the growing need for high quality school leaders in districts throughout the country, and with support from American Express and the National Association of Secondary School Principals, NYCLA has launched an innovative new national Aspiring Principals Program. Our national APP is based upon NYCLA’s proven experiential learning model that prepares participants for the realities of the principalship through direct engagement in the day-to-day challenges school leaders face.

NYCLA is currently seeking district partners who recognize the critical role of effective leadership in transforming schools, view talent development as a top priority, and are committed to developing leaders focused on equity and social justice. By sending high-potential aspiring leaders through our national APP, your district will benefit from a cadre of leaders who are ready to transform schools and improve student outcomes, and will develop a network of colleagues across the country who will share new ideas as well as promising educational practices.

Interested district leaders should contact us to learn about program elements or enroll participants.