We are excited to announce an opportunity for NYCLA’s New York City Network – comprised of 538 graduates of its Aspiring Principals Program (APP) and more than 1,800 coached principals – that is being funded by the Booth Ferris Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York. The Network’s goal is to accelerate the sharing and implementation of effective practices designed to ensure that boys and young men of color achieve their full potential. 

As part of this effort, NYCLA has launched its Mini-Grant Program for Equity and Excellence.  The Mini-Grant Program provides Network participants with the opportunity and resources to launch or expand programs designed to transform academic and social experiences and outcomes for this targeted group of students.  

With funding from the Booth Ferris Foundation, NYCLA will award grants between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on the effective practice proposed for implementation. In addition to financial support, grant recipients will receive consulting support from experts in the field of education, and capacity building tools. 

Applicants can apply for funding in one of four categories: (1) supportive school culture, (2) effective school leaders and teachers, (3) rigorous and culturally relevant curriculum, instruction, and assessment and, (4) parent, family, and community partnership. These categories were established from research-based documentation of practices that are indicated to improve educational outcomes for boys and young men of color. 

Together with our alumni and coached principals, we feel a tremendous sense of urgency to work smarter and take collective responsibility for the opportunity gaps that face too many boys and young men of color. 

We encourage network members to access the mini-grant website and submit an application for consideration.