The NYC Leadership Academy (NYCLA) has received a two year, $2 million grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York. This grant will fund NYCLA’s strategic expansion, which focuses on supporting more school districts, state departments of education, universities, and nonprofits throughout the country to build their leadership capacity.

With this grant, NYCLA will launch new initiatives that will enhance and enrich our service offerings and ability to influence educational policy and practice. NYCLA’s partners and the school leadership development field will benefit from our track record of over a decade of collaborating with communities of learners in 26 states, including more than 40 clients, and Colombia and Brazil as they develop the critical skills needed to shift leadership practice and close achievement gaps.

“NYCLA is honored to partner with Carnegie Corporation to deepen our innovation and service delivery strategies.  We are confident that the foundation’s support will increase NYCLA’s national impact on education leadership” stated Irma Zardoya, President & CEO, NYC Leadership Academy.  “Our unwavering vision of empowering educators in their local contexts to build and implement high-quality school leadership programs aligns with the goals of Carnegie Corporation’s Education Programs.”

“Carnegie Corporation has a long history of enabling all students to achieve academic success,” LaVerne Srinivasan, Vice President of Education Programs commented.  “Our investments in organizations such as the NYC Leadership Academy ensure that the Corporation fulfills its commitment to creating pathways to educational and economic opportunity by generating systemic change across a K-16 continuum.”