The NYC Leadership Academy is pleased to receive funding from the RGK Foundation to support the development and implementation of our online and blended learning programs and service offerings. The $25,000 grant is supporting the launch of our virtual learning platform, through which NYCLA is helping its clients build greater leadership capacity by expanding the range of professional learning tools available to them thus rendering NYCLA’s educational leadership programming more widely available, efficient and effective. In addition, we believe that our online work will open the door to an expansion of our services — for current clients as well as new clients from various public, private, and not-for-profit markets.

NYCLA’s virtual learning platform is intended to integrate seamlessly with the face-to-face components of our programs, providing an active space for participants to explore new concepts, engage in ongoing dialogue and practice leadership skills. Elements of online programming include readings and videos, virtual meetings, group discussions, and journal entries, to name a few. All activities are aligned with NYCLA’s leadership standards as well as the specific goals of individual clients. Explains Rachel Scott, Senior Director of Learning Systems, “Our aim is for all online programming to support the work our developing leaders are doing every day in their schools and districts. The online space is a place for them to identify resources, test out plans and ideas, troubleshoot challenges together, and reflect on the evolution of their leadership over time.”

We are currently piloting our blended learning model with aspiring leaders in the Bainum Family Foundation’s Advancement for Christian Education (ACE) Academy. To maximize effectiveness during the residency phase of this program, aspiring leaders are engaging in authentic school-based assignments such as teacher observations, monthly walkthroughs, while engaging in regular activities, conversations, and reflection on a variety of other topics applicable to their residency work.

Over the next two years, NYCLA plans to reach more school leaders across the country, enhance the learning experiences we offer, and increase program sustainability and affordability for clients nationwide.

Contact us to learn more about NYCLA’s online and blended learning offerings.