On October 4th and 5th, NYCLA hosted, on behalf of the Wallace Foundation, the first in a series of convenings bringing together education leadership experts and district leaders from eight school districts who are all part of the foundation’s newly launched Principal Supervisor Initiative. NYCLA was selected by Wallace to co-facilitate the professional learning community component of this groundbreaking initiative. Will Miller, President of The Wallace Foundation, described the importance of the four-year project: “This overlooked supervisor position has emerged as central to improving principals’ performance. To strengthen this critical role, this new initiative will require districts to rethink how their central offices are organized to provide better support to principals in schools.”

Over the next four years, NYCLA will support the development of the professional learning community among the eight participating districts by facilitating virtual learning opportunities and project work groups. NYCLA leaders are already facilitating sessions and leading the project group work that identifies trends across districts and areas of potential improvement for principal supervisors. Participating districts will work collaboratively to redefine the role of the principal supervisor and build new succession planning systems. We are honored to be part of this groundbreaking initiative. This fall, we will facilitate the ongoing professional learning community that supports the Principal Pipeline Initiative and will release Wallace-funded guides on NYCLA’s approach to principal preparation and school leader coaching.

Click here to read an article by Will Miller, President of the Wallace Foundation, that describes the impetus for the Principal Supervisor Initiative in greater detail.