What will the Aspiring Principals Program (APP) help my district achieve?

Leadership Pipeline
APP will enable your district to create an internal leadership pipeline of school leaders who are prepared to meet the increased expectations for principals in this highly accountable climate. Principals are expected to serve as instructional leaders who coach and nurture teachers while simultaneously holding them accountable for student performance; generate support for reforms that may be met with skepticism by teachers and parents; push data-driven analysis to drive student learning while also attending to the comprehensive social, emotional, academic, and safety needs of every child; and build a collaborative, trusting professional community among teachers while also determining which teachers might not be the right for the school. And as principals are being asked to take on an increasing complex role in their schools, they must also continue to have a laser focus on providing an equitable school experience for students.

The APP curriculum therefore develops principals with considerable leadership capacity, communication skills, instructional expertise, cultural competency, political savvy and analytical sophistication, and who are ready to lead the most challenging schools effectively. APP is a perfect fit for current assistant principals and teacher leaders who have not traditionally been provided with effective leadership development opportunities aligned to the changing role of the principal.

When you enroll candidates in APP, your district will begin to network with districts both within and outside of your state. These new colleagues can bring new ideas and opportunities to your system, and share educational practices and build coherence across districts. The aspiring principal participants and mentor principals will join their own virtual professional learning networks (PLN) and these virtual PLNs will continue to function as professional resources long after the aspiring principals program ends.