New York City Aspiring Principals Program

Our New York City Aspiring Principals Program (APP) offers experiential, hands-on learning opportunities to aspiring leaders to help them become the change agents who inspire teachers and create academically rigorous and equitable schools.

Enrollment for the 2016-17 cohort is currently closed. Please check back in early 2017 for details on the 2017-18 cohort application process.

Program Elements:

      1. Summer Intensive: A five-week training that simulates the actual challenges of a struggling New York City school and develops the skills that participants need to improve student outcomes.
      2. School-Based Internship: A year-long internship focused on areas of growth and opportunities for leadership under the guidance of the Principal at the head of the school where the participant is currently employed.
      3. In-Person and Online Coursework with Field Experience: Weekly evening classes provide participants with opportunities to learn from one another and from seasoned NYCLA practitioners. They include seminars with NYCDOE specialists in areas such as educating students with special needs and English language learners. Online coursework complements in-person sessions through additional instruction, continued discussion, and structured opportunities for reflection. One day per month field experiences including inter-visitations to participants’ schools to observe promising practices in action, and participation in NYCDOE Office of Leadership’s “Leadership Learning Seminar Series.”

APP participants are evaluated on a pass-fail basis. They must meet rigorous performance standards to progress to each successive program phase. Graduates commit to serving the NYCDOE for a minimum of five years. The program is led by former New York City principals and principal supervisors trained in our unique, hands-on approach to school leadership development.

The NYC Department of Education is no longer offering the Aspiring Principals Program as one of its leadership programs for 2017-2018.  If you are interested in leadership preparation programs sponsored by the NYC Department of Education, please visit the DOE's  Leadership Pathways page for their offerings, including information about the Leadership Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP).