Professional Learning

Our students need skilled and passionate leaders. Our leaders need ongoing opportunities for development to build their skills and sustain their passion.

School leadership is a complex, difficult job. And it’s becoming more so. Across the United States, principals are feeling pressure from policies intended to accelerate student outcomes, while at the same time, they’re facing demands from the movements toward decentralization and school-based management.

Drawing on our deep experience in designing and delivering standards-based training, NYC Leadership Academy partners with districts and states to implement a strategic approach to professional development.

We can assist in the following ways:

  • Strategic planning and program design: We are experienced at conducting assessments that provide insight into a district’s school leadership landscape and its specific needs. Our process engages stakeholders in the development of a professional development strategy. We synthesize the results and then work with our client to develop a strategic approach to the district’s professional development.
  • Curriculum design and delivery: Using our standards-based approach to curriculum design, we work alongside our client’s core team to develop training that is aligned to relevant leadership standards and addresses the identified district needs. We also provide training for core team members in our highly effective, facilitative approach to delivering training. Our co-design and co-delivery process enables our client to develop their capacity to sustain and evolve the professional development program after our engagement ends.
  • Program assessment: As part of our work, we provide tools and processes that clients can use to assess and refine their professional development offerings.

A few of the topics that school systems and districts have asked us to address are:

  • Turning around low-performing schools
  • Fostering teamwork
  • Using data to drive decision-making
  • Evaluating and developing effective instructional practices
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