School Leadership Teams

Leading School-Level Change: Professional Development for Principals and School Leadership Teams

Leading School-Level Change (LSLC) is NYCLA’s 12-month professional development program designed to help districts build the school-based leadership capacity to transform schools and improve student learning. This program is particularly powerful in its ability to develop school leadership skills and support leadership actions that result in an immediate impact on both organizational capacity and instructional quality within a school, which research has shown leads to improved student outcomes (Leithwood, Anderson, & Wahlstrom, 2004).

Leading School-Level Change Program Design


LSLC builds principal competence in a set of research-based leadership standards that are recognized as essential to school performance and student learning. At the same time, the program supports the development and collaboration of the principal with key staff members, helping build a high- performing school leadership team with the essential knowledge and skills to effect school improvement.

LSLC integrates a summer institute, ongoing workshops throughout the school year, and coaching. By engaging principals and their leadership teams in learning through focusing on their own schools, school data, and school improvement plans, LSLC is professional development that facilitates instantly relevant and immediately impactful learning.

For more information about how LSLC can help your district transform schools and school leadership, contact us.

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