Foundations of Principal Supervision

NYCLA's acclaimed Foundations of Principal Supervision (FPS) is currently underway for the 2017-18 school year. We are now enrolling for the 2018-19 cohort.

WHO New and experienced principal supervisors from school systems across the country
WHAT A year-long training program that is research-based, standards-based, and highly experiential.

Summer Institute: July 16-20, 2018
Year-long virtual learning community
Mid-year convening: Spring 2019


New York City (summer institute)
Location TBD (mid-year convening)

Foundations delves into themes including: 

  • The Principal Supervisor Role
  • Leading for Instruction
  • Leading for Equity
  • Leading for Development through Coaching
  • Leading for Learning through Professional Development

The experience also gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with a national cadre of peers to solve challenging problems
  • Analyze real data from their districts to pinpoint effective interventions
  • Apply theory to practice
  • Strengthen their vision and plan for the year ahead

During the program, principal supervisors work with real data from their districts, giving them practical experience that reflects challenges they will encounter on the job and the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming school year.  

 Space is limited. Contact us if you’re interested.

"Every piece of FPS was developed with the participants in mind and differentiated based on level of expertise and experience. When I came for the summer institute, I had just been appointed as a principal supervisor. FPS served as my door into this new world and grounded my thinking in a set of standards. I appreciated the opportunity to tap into the vast experience and knowledge of my more seasoned peers. I think back on these conversations as I do my work."
    - Peggy Goodman, Assistant Superintendent for Gwinnett County Public Schools


NYCLA’s Foundations of Principal Supervision has three integrated components: 


  1. Summer Institute

    The five-day Summer Institute provides principal supervisors with intensive training, peer networking, and support to strengthen the leadership skills necessary for effectiveness.

    Participants work in teams with others in similar positions from across the country. The lively, fast-paced approach requires everyone to collaborate and develop creative solutions to the most daunting challenges. The program helps principal supervisors strengthen their vision, develop the skills to build principals' instructional leadership capacity, and plan for the year ahead. The program also helps those with less than a year's experience transition to their new roles.

    Teaching methods are context-based and include a balance of research and practice, which includes:
    • facilitated learning walks
    • practice of coaching frameworks
    • interaction with sitting principal supervisors
    • analysis of data across networks of schools
    • development of personal and professional vision
    • strategic planning 
  2. Virtual Learning Community

    Following the Summer Intensive, NYCLA facilitates virtual learning opportunities throughout the school year, providing an opportunity for continued learning. Participants from across the country maintain communication and connectivity regardless of their location, have access to national resources, share problems of practice, and continue to benefit from professional support networks.

  3. Mid-Year Convening

    An in-person, two-day convening engages principal supervisors in evaluating and assessing their impact on school principals throughout the year. Given the varying needs of principals within their network of schools, participants use evaluation results, performance data, and principal feedback to diagnose principals’ learning needs and design differentiated strategies to support whole group learning and one-on-one coaching.

Contact us for more information or to enroll participants.

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