Leading and Learning: A Professional Development Series for Principal Supervisors

Leading and Learning provides on-site professional learning modules for principal supervisors to build their capacity to navigate the complexities of the role. With a focus on balancing support with evaluation, the program helps principal supervisors build their skills and provides them with opportunities to practice and refine those skills through authentic simulations and role plays. 

Customizable Programming

Districts are able to design their own program by selecting 2 or more sessions from a total of 5 available options. Sessions are about 6 hours long and delivered on-site in your district by NYCLA facilitators. Our facilitators are former district and school leaders with extensive training in adult learning who understand the demands and challenges of school and district leadership.

1: The Role and Impact of the Principal Supervisor

  • Electronic confidential survey of principal supervisors’ perceptions of their individual practice used to help customize the program.
  • Build your district’s principal supervisor team with a consistent vision of practice across the team.
  • Use leadership standards to define what a principal supervisor in your district needs to know and be able to do to most effectively support principals.
  • Develop a theory of action for principal supervision that is aligned with your district’s priorities.

2: Data Driven Instructional Leadership

  • Conduct data dive by reviewing and analyzing performance data across your schools.
  • Develop protocols and strategies that help principals accurately interpret data and identify patterns, trends and instructional needs.

3: Coaching and Evaluation

  • Learn and practice coaching strategies that balance coaching with evaluation.
  • Use data to provide actionable feedback to principals that provokes thinking, creates conditions to promote “healthy” discomfort and opens opportunities for reflection.
  • Have difficult conversations with principals to address performance using evidence-based feedback.

4: Instructional Learning Walk

  • Practice learning walks that enable principal supervisors to engage in conversations about teaching and learning with principals.
  • Bring principal supervisors together around a common approach to school visits and a shared understanding of high quality instruction, while leaving flexibility for differentiation according to variation in principal and school needs.
  • Share best practices; learn from colleagues and practice coaching skills.

5: Principal Professional Development

  • Assess principals’ learning needs and priorities based on principal and teacher evaluation data.
  • Design professional development plans for the principals they supervise for the balance of the current school year and/or the next school year.

For more information, please contact Philip Benowitz at (646) 981-2140 or pbenowitz@nycleadershipacadmy.org.

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