Coaching for Equitable Practice

Now more than ever, conversations about race generate more heat than light. School and system leaders must develop the capacity to name, reflect on and act to pursue racial equity.
In this workshop, NYCLA draws on its signature Facilitative, Competency-Based coaching model, in which we've trained more than 750 leadership coaches, to focus specifically on how to coach for equitable practice. This two-day session will provide leaders who coach others with the language, skills, and tools to use coaching as a lever for transformational change. 

Participants will:

  • Self-assess against NYCLA's 5 equity leadership behaviors
  • Develop awareness of their own blind spots, assumptions, and biases when it comes to race
  • Learn the fundamentals of coaching for equitable practice:  
    • create the conditions to explore issues of race and equity within the coaching relationship;
    • help leaders to set equity-focused goals; and 
    • support leaders to create an actionable plan to achieve those goals
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