Avoiding the Pitfalls: Strategic Plan Implementation That Gets Results

Strategic plans drive improvement in school districts and charter networks, but they often fall short of their desired goals because of poor implementation. As a result, the time invested by staff and community members fails to generate the expected results.

We believe that successful strategy implementation and strong leadership go hand in hand. This applied workshop and coaching series will help districts
and networks develop and execute high-quality implementation plans, while simultaneously building the capacity of leaders and teams to successfully direct
this charge.

District and network teams will participate in a three-day workshop to:

  • Explore the reasons why strategic plans fail to achieve desired results
  • Learn the strategies and tactics that help organizations navigate implementation challenges
  • Identify capacity and resource gaps
  • Create an implementation plan for a component of their strategic plan
  • Develop the capacity of each leader and the overall team to drive the implementation

Following the workshop, each team will work with a Leadership Academy consultant for five months to assess progress, troubleshoot challenges and adjust actions as necessary to ensure a successful implementation.

We recommend district/network teams comprised of a Chief Strategy Officer (or equivalent responsibility), a leader of the relevant component of the strategic plan, and a school leader.

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