Developing Systems-Level Leadership in Support of Schools and School Leaders

We design and deliver professional learning and coaching for school system-level leaders, aiming to eliminate inequities in education systems by supporting the development of culturally responsive, equitable learning environments. School system leaders are essential for establishing and maintaining structures that support school leader success. Our system-level work, which ranges from equity plan development to executive coaching, is designed to support leadership development for district leaders so that they can be more effective in leading excellence and change.    

Foundations of Principal Supervision

Foundations of Principal Supervision is a 10-month blended learning program that builds the leadership skills of new and experienced district leaders who supervise and support principals. When you join this program, you join a community of 92 principal supervisors working ...

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides system-level leaders with structured opportunities to receive objective feedback, reflect on their leadership and the challenges before them, and work toward concrete personal and professional goals to ensure lasting change. Our databased approach includes the administration of ...

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